Thursday, 18 April 2013

Today I have been mostly...

Today I have been mostly blogging on this group blog.

It's mainly an introduction blog entry, so if you already know me, you probably don't need to see it. If you don't already know me, well, hello!

Here's the blog entry.

New cover: In the Morning Light, by Sarah Willoughby

This is just a quick blog post to show off a recent ebook cover I did:

Here's the blurb from Amazon:

In the Morning Light is a collection of stories inspired largely by time spent in the Middle East. It is made of the dreams of new brides, the love in older marriage, as well as the feelings of sadness, loss and hope in everyday life. This is the tale of seven couples:

A stagnant marriage.
A woman's need to be with her children again towards the end of her life.
A tale of hope in adverse circumstances.
A young woman married to an older man after her divorce.
A woman alone at the end of a marriage.
An idyllic marriage that may end too soon.
An affair.

You can find it at Amazon US | Amazon UK