Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Today is the day for my very exciting (for me!) announcement:

I'm starting to offer ebook cover design services, alongside my existing web design services. I've blogged about designing covers before, and I've blogged some of my own covers, but now that I've caught up on my backlog of covers, I'm throwing open my design services to anyone who wants them!

Incidentally, here are the last couple of covers I've completed, both for re-issues of previously-published short stories by Stephanie Burgis.

(Some Girlfriends Can is available on Amazon now, and Undead Philosophy 101 will be available tomorrow; both will turn up on Smashwords and other retailers fairly soon.)

You can see more cover examples and find the full details of my service on my ebook cover design website, but in short, I'm charging $200 for an ebook cover. This gives you an eye-catching, high-resolution, optimized jpeg cover, suitable for inclusion in any ebook. 

These covers are ideal for authors re-issuing their back-catalogs and for those who are publishing independently and are looking for a professional cover.

I'm also offering ebook conversion services, and print cover design to go with your ebook. Basically, if you want it, I can do it! :)

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