Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ebook covers

Okay, so yesterday, when I wrote my blog entry "Seven Tips for Designing an Ebook Cover", I foolishly promised that today I would post the covers that I had done so far, so that you could all jeer and shout about how I shouldn't give advice if I couldn't design... Not that any of you are that mean, of course. But feel free to think it...

I was kind of hoping that I would also get the ebooks up on Amazon today, but I'm still finishing off the last one, then I have to figure out how to upload them to Amazon (I'm new to this!), so I expect it'll happen over the weekend.

Anyway! Enough blathering. Here are the covers I've done so far. The first one is for a collection of nine of my short stories. Eight have been previously published. One is an original.

The next six are all individual short stories. (All previously published). Here are the covers:

Three of these stories (At the Gates, Finisterre and Camelot) are a little similar in terms of style, and so I've tried to brand them using the same fonts and similar styles of art.

Most of the covers use the 'find good stock art and add text' school of cover design (highly recommended!)

One of them (Crab Apple) is my attempt to design a cover without using any stock art at all. I've only used photoshop brushes and shapes to make the illustration. I can't imagine I'll do that very often, as I'm definitely not an artist.

So, that's it. Feel free to shout at me in the silence of your minds. :)

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